Oval Callout:


My Cyber Identity lives

The hint says I should describe the picture in this box.  Ha!  It’s a sunset silly!

Home - creating this page has been fun… someone else did all the hard stuff!

When I look for pictures to decorate with, I am not surprised to find a lot that contain some form of water.  I like water… I always have.


I’ve also always had the cyber handle MeCindyC.  Searching the web for MeCindyC will find almost nothing but my current and past cyber life.  I do not know who claimed the hotmail email account but it isn’t me.  I hope they are nice :)


This is my second web page experiment.  It is somewhat fancier than the first and I just might get those important pictures posted.  Let’s try….


Because I’m using a Microsoft Publisher template, I just pasted these pictures over the top of some other stuff.  That might be weird…   anyway, assuming you can see the pictures we have Matt & Midnight relaxing on the couch, and Nathan all dressed up for his Read Across America presentation.  His theme was tropical (love that kid!).  He didn’t win best costume, but not for lack of effort!

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Phone: 555-555-5555

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E-mail: someone@example.com

Musings is my new blog (Brand new!).  Testpage just makes me laugh… I hooked up joomla and loaded all the samples to learn stuff.  About us does...nothing!

This is either the last updated date/time or the current date/time.

5/23/2009 2:02 PM

Line Callout 3: Look!  Evidence that I was totally sloppy and pasted pictures over other stuff.  Oops!